Authors : Biju Azeez, Shemeena

Microprocessor, Interfacing and Microcontroller
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction

    ·        INTEL 8085 – an 8-bitmicroprocessor

    ·        Instruction set of 8085 andtiming diagram

    ·        8085 programming

    ·        INTEL 8086 – A 16-bitmicroprocessor

    ·        Instruction set and programmingof 8086

    ·        32-bit microprocessors – INTEL80386 and 80486

    ·        Pentium – a 32-bit superscalarprocessor

    ·        Memory mapping and DATAtransfer schemes

    ·        Interfacing devices

    ·        Microcontrollers

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BijuAzeez is presently working as an AssistantElectrical Inspector, formerly as a Lecturer in the Department of Electricaland Electronics Engineering, College of Engineering, Perumon. He has taken hisMaster’s degree in Electrical machines from College of Engineering, Trivandrumand Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from T.K.MCollege of Engineering, Kollam. He is a life member of the ISTE facultychapter. His teaching interests include Electrical and Digital SignalProcessing, Machines, Microprocessor, Control Systems, Power Systems.

ShemeenaM is a lecturer in the Department of Electronicsand Communication Engineering, College of Engineering, Perumon. She took herB.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from College ofEngineering, Chengannur. Her teaching interests include Microprocessors, PowerElectronics, Analog Communication etc.