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Middleware Technologies
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction middleware

    ·        Elements of middleware

    ·        Vendor architectures

    ·        Middleware interoperability andmiddleware in distributed applications

    ·        Types of middleware

    ·        Object oriented middleware

    ·        Developing with OOM

    ·        Heterogeneity and dynamicobject requests

    ·        Remote Method Invocation (RMI)and its implementation

    ·        Component Object Model (COM)

    ·        Implementation of COM

    ·        Common Object Request BrokerArchitecture (CORBA)

    ·        Implementation of CORBA

    ·        Naming and trading services

    ·        Object lifecyle

    ·        Object persistence

    ·        Middleware security

    ·        Introduction to web services

    ·        Creating web service

    ·        Messaging protocol: SOAP

    ·        Describing and discovering webservices

    ·        Securing web services

    ·        Real time middleware

    ·        Multimedia middleware

    ·        Reflective and RFID middleware

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K.M.Sharmilee has done her B.Sc (Computer Science) inSourashtra College, Madurai and MCA in Mother Teresa Women’s University,Kodaikanal and M.E (Computer Science) in Anna University, Chennai. She hasworked in Sourashtra College, Madurai for a couple of years. She is currentlyworking at Department of Computer Applications, Easwari Engineering College,Chennai where she has been teaching since 2002. In addition to teaching MiddlewareTechnologies, she has taught courses on Computer Networks, Mobile Computing,Network Security, Computer Architecture, Object Oriented Programming andDatabase Management Systems. The author’s current research interests includeNetwork Security, particularly the area of Body Area Networks and other domainsof Wireless Sensor Networks.