Authors : Rajaram R

Network Security and Cryptography
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction

    ·        Mathematics of cryptography

    ·        Conventional encryptiontechniques

    ·        Data encryption standard

    ·        Multiple symmetric ciphers

    ·        Confidentiality and keydistribution

    ·        Advanced encryption standard

    ·        Public key cryptography

    ·        Key management techniques

    ·        Message authentication scheme

    ·        Secure hash algorithm

    ·        Digital signatures andauthentication protocols

    ·        Authentication strategies

    ·        Electronic mail security

    ·        IP security

    ·        Web security

    ·        Malicious software

    ·        Firewalls

    ·        Operating systems security

    ·        LAN security guidelines

    ·        Biometric identification andauthentication

    Corporate network security policies andprocedures

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Dr.R. Rajaram took his B.E. EEE degree from MadrasUniversity, 1966, his M Tech in EEE from Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur, 1971; and the Ph D degree in Economic Generation Scheduling fromMadurai Kamaraj University, 1979. He served at Makerere University, Kampala,Uganda during 1977-1979 and Mosul University, Iraq between 1980 and 1981. Hehas been teaching and guiding research in EEE, CSE for the past 45 years. Hehas published 72 research papers in refereed journals and conferences ofNational and International standing, and also has participated in aninternational seminar on “Solar Energy” at University of Waterloo, Ontario,Canada during Aug.-Sept. 1978.

Extending his passion towards writing,Rajaram has authored 14 text books including 2 in Tamil, in CSE. He hasdelivered more than 50 guest lecturers in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.Also, he has organized several funded workshop and seminars.  He has been successful in guiding 16 Ph.DScholars of Madurai Kamaraj University, Anna University, Manonmanian SundaranarUniversity. Dr. Rajaram has been conferred the “Life Time Achievement Award” ofthe ISTE, during its TN-Pondicherry State level convention at Avinashi on 15Dec 2012. He has added 3 best paper awards from ISTE and Institution ofEngineers, India, to his credit.