Authors : Ramasubramanian

Computer Programming
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction

    ·        Entering and executing a ‘C’program

    ·        Introduction to C language

    ·        Input/output statement

    ·        Control statements

    ·        Arrays

    ·        String functions

    ·        Functions

    ·        Pointers

    ·        Structures and unions

    ·        Files

    ·        C processor and command linearguments

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A.Rama Sathish is currently working as AssociateProfessor in CSE Department, DVR & DR. HS MIC College of Technology,Kanchikacherla, Krishan (Dt). Previously he has worked in V.R.SiddharthaEngineering College and Narasaraopeta Engineering College. He has over 7 Yrs ofexperience in teaching. He has guided many projects on security in a successfulmanner. He has also participated at various National level seminars andworkshops. His current interests include Security and Cryptography, Mining andWare housing, Image Processing, Operating Systems, Systems Programming.