Authors : Dr. S. Devanarayanan

Quantum Chemistry
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    Table of contents

    ·        Mathematical preliminaries

    ·        Classical mechanics

    ·        Introduction and background to quantum mechanics

    ·        Quantum theory

    ·        Simple QM systems

    ·        Rigid rotator

    ·        Angular moments and properties

    ·        The Hydrogen atom: Wave mechanical model

    ·        Approximation methods

    ·        The electronic structure of atoms

    ·        Many electron atoms, molecules and MO theory

    ·        Molecular symmetry and group theory

    ·        Rotation and vibration spectroscopy

    ·        Raman spectroscopy

    ·        Mossbauer spectroscopy

    ·        Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR and ESR)

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Dr. S. Devanarayanan graduated from the UniversityCollege, Trivandrum (M.Sc, 1963) and Indian of Science (Ph.D., 1970), and D.Sc.(USA). He had a brilliant academic career throughout with a start at the IISCBangalore, and he taught at the University of Kerala (1971-2000), where finallyserved as Professor & HOD (1993-2000). He was Associate professor at theUniv. PR, USA (1989-91). He is credited with over 80 research papers. Some 20students have completed Ph.D's and M.Phil's under his Supervision. He has beenmember of a dozen of learned societies, including the Amer. Chem. Soc.

He was in several Committees and Boards of Studies,Examinations, Selection Boards of different Universities, and State level andNational level Tests.

Prof. Devanarayanan has served as a Member of the PadmaRamachandran Commission, appointed by the Govt. of Kerala, during Oct.2000-Feb. 2001, to examine the functioning of the Univ. of Kerala during1985-2000. Star Chart-Star-Devanarayanan-Cat # TYC7882-99-1 Scorpio constellation- NASA-Feb 2013.png. His capsule profile has appeared in several InternationalBiographies, published in India and abroad, eg.,Marquis who's Who in the world(2013),IBC, England (2011) ABI,NC (2005)