Authors : Radha Ganesan

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    Table of contents

    ·        Introducing .NET

    ·        Our first VB.NET program

    ·        Data types and operators

    ·        Control statements

    ·        Arrays

    ·        Procedures and structures

    ·        Creating menus and using dialogboxes

    ·        Object oriented concepts inVB.NET

    ·        Events, delegates and exceptshandling

    ·        Data access with ADO.NET

    ·        Web applications with VB.NETand ASP.NET

    ·        Web services with VB.NET

    ·        Advanced controls makingreports in VB.NET

    ·        Library functions in VB.NET

    ·        Graphics

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P.Radha Ganesan is an author and Software Consultantand is associated with the field of Computers for over two decades. He hasauthored a good number of books relating to the field of Computer Science andComputer Programming. His books are known for the simple and lucid style. Hisbooks have been prescribed as Text books/ Reference books in several Universitycourses.