Authors : K.R. Lakshminarayanan

The Communicating Art
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    Table of contents

    ·        Communicating

    ·        Whylearn about communicating?

    ·        Constituentlycommunicating

    ·        Levelsof communicating

    ·        Conceptsof communicating

    ·        Howdo we communicating?

    ·        Howwell do we communicate?

    ·        Oralcommunicating process

    ·        Paircommunication

    ·        Groupcommunication

    ·        Vivavoice

    ·        Jobinterview

    ·        Lecture/ seminar

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Prof. K.R. Lakshminarayanan has taught for 43 yearsat various levels in India and abroad. Has published several articles ofgeneral and professional interest in India and overseas.  Has authored, for nearly two decades, severalcourse books, covering B.E. English syllabi of various universities. Has alsoauthored several books for the general public.