Authors : Dr. S. Baranidharan, Dr. Hari T. S. Narayanan

Projects in Bio-Informatics

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Dr. S. Baranidharan obtained his Doctorate degreefrom Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore after receiving his Bachelorsdegree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Since then he has worked atPurdue University, University of California at San Francisco and at LawrenceLivermore National Laboratory. He is also the founder of Structural GeneticsCorporation, USA. He is an elected member of American Heart Association,American Chemical Society, The Protein Society, American Association forAdvancement of Science and Federation of American Scientists in ExperimentalBiology. He is also a director of Technology Enterprises Group. He haspublished over 20 research papers in different fields.

Dr. Hari T. S. Narayanan  is a 21 year veteran of Networking Industry.His career spans Bell Northern Research, and Nortel Networks. Hari received hisDoctorate degree from Concordia University of Montreal, and Masters degree fromIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has published more than 10 technicalpapers in The Computer Journal, Information Processing, and InternationalConferences in the areas of Networking, Database Engineering, PatternRecognition, and VLSI Architecture. Currently Dr. Hari represents TechnologyEnterprises Group, Chennai and Structural Genetics Corporation, USA.