Authors : Krishna Reddy

Electrical Machines - II
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    Table of contents

    ·        Construction and operation ofsingle phase transformers

    ·        Testing and performance ofsingle phase transformers

    ·        Parallel operation of transformersand auto transformers

    ·        Poly phase transformers

    ·        Special type of transformersand cooling

    ·        Polyphase induction motors

    ·        Performance of induction motors

    ·        Torque-slip characteristics ofinduction motor

    ·        Circle diagram

    ·        Three phase induction motorstarters

    ·        Speed control and braking

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K. KrishnaReddy was born in maruter a village in westGodavari district in Andhra Pradesh. He did his diploma in EEE at JNTU,Kakinadain the year 1960, after joining as a Assistant Lecturer in S.M.V.M Polytechnic,Tanuku. He did two degree (in EEE, ECE) through Institution of Engineers. Hedid his M.Tech in Machines through Institution of Engineers, Calcutta. He has37 years of teaching experience in S.M.V.M Polytechnic, Tanuku and 10 yearsteaching experience as a Professor in ASR College of Engineering, Tanuku. Hehas submitted number of technical papers. He is very popular in giving coachingto GATE, IES, IRS, ECET, GENCO, TRANSCO and other competitive examinations manyof his students are working as Professors and Chief Executives. He is presentlyworking as a Vice-Principal, ASR Engineering College, Tanuku.