Authors : Dharma Raj Cheruku

Microwave Engineering

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Prof.Dharma Raj Cheruku is an Engineering graduate fromGITAM with Electronics and Communication Engineering as specialization in theyear 1985. He is Gold medallist standing First in Andhra UniversityConsequently, he obtained his postgraduate degree in 1987 from OsmaniaUniversity in the field of Microwave and Rader Engineering. He is has startedhis professional career as Scientist ‘B’ at LRDE, Bangalore and switched toMACE, Visakhapatnam after more than an year. He stepped into teachingprofession as ‘Assistant Professor’ at College of Engineering, GITAM,Visakhapatnam in the year 1990. He is elevated as ‘Professor’ at the samecollege in the year 2001 and was the Head of the Department of Electronics andCommunication Engineering during 2004-07. He presently is DIRECTOR of AcademicAffairs of GITAM University. As Chairman of Board of Studies of ECE of GITAMAutonomous College, he has drafted the syllabus to cater the needs of industry.He is a member of Board of Studies at Nagpur University. He is an activeresearcher and his fields of interest are Antennas and Biomedical Engineering.He has 20 research papers of National and International repute to his credit.He was co-investigator of a UGC Major Research Project in the field ofBiomedical Engineering. Also, he was coordinator for and UGC project‘Instrumentation Maintenance Facility’. He is member in many professionalsocieties and is Treasure of Biomedical Engineering Society of India,Visakhapatnam Chapter. He is examiner and paper setter of various reputeduniversities in and around Andhra Pradesh. He has published textbooks onElectronics Devices and Circuits and Satellite Communications with well knownpublishers. He also adapted a textbook on Electronic Circuit Design authored byforeigners to cater it to Indian Student needs. He reviewed various textbookmanuscripts for publication with leading publishers.