Authors : Anoop Mathew, Surjith

Basic Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering
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    Table of contents

    ·        Elementary concepts, laws anddefinitions

    ·        Magnetism and electromagnetism

    ·        Alternating current

    ·        Three phase circuits

    ·        Transformer

    ·        DC machines

    ·        Induction motor

    ·        Three phase synchronousgenerators

    ·        AC power system

    ·        Domestic wiring estimation

    ·        Amplifiers

    ·        Digital Systems

    ·        Measurements and dataacquisition systems

    ·        Radio communication

    ·        Radar and navigation

    ·        Microwave communication systems

    ·        Satellite communication

    ·        Optical fiber communication

    ·        Wireless communication

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AnoopMathew is presently the Head of the Department ofElectronics and Communication Engineering, Vedavyasa Institute of Technology,Calicut. He did his M.Tech degree in Power Electronics and Drives and currentlydoing research in switched mode power supplies. He has published 8 researchpapers in leading international journals and 3 papers in conferences. He is amember of IETE, ISTE, IEEE, CSI and life member of ECS and IACSIT.

Surjith.N is working withVedavyasa Institute of Technology as a Lecturer in Electronics andCommunication Engineering. He is a life member of ISTE.