Authors : Katta Narayana Reddy, Palakodeti Sri Rama Krishnudu

Instrumentation and Control Systems
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    Table of contents

    ·        Basic concepts

    ·        Analysis of experimental data

    ·        Transducers and electricalsensing devices

    ·        Displacement and areameasurement

    ·        Pressure and vacuummeasurements

    ·        Flow measurement

    ·        Liquid-level measurement

    ·        Temperature measurement

    ·        Force, torque and shaft powermeasurement

    ·        Strain measurement

    ·        Vibration and accelerationmeasurement

    ·        Sound measurement

    ·        Speed measurement

    ·        Humidity measurement

    ·        Control systems

Tab Article

KattaNarayana Reddy was a Professor of MechanicalEngineering (Retd.) at Sri Venkateswara University College of Engineering(SVUCE), Tirupati. A Post Graduate in Power Engineering from Indian Instituteof Science, Bangalore (1960), joined at SVUCE as a Lecturer (1961) and rose tobecome Professor (1985) and continued till his retirement (1995). Afterretirement he worked as Honorary Professor at SVUCE (1995-2001). Later thejoined and worked as Professor at VNRVJIET, Hyderabad (2001-2007). During hislong teaching career, he taught several subjects, most important beingEngineering Thermodynamics, Power Plant Engineering and Instrumentation andControl Systems. He received the Best University Teachers Award from theGovernment of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1992-1993. He was also rated as BestTeacher by the students of VNRVJIET, Hyderabad for the year 2006.

PalakodetiSri Rama Krishnudu is an Associate Professor ofMechanical Engineering (Retd.) at Sri Venkateswara University College ofEngineering (SVUCE), Tirupati. He joined SVUCE as Draughtsman (Mech.) (1964)and rose to the level of Associate Professor (1999) and continued till hisretirement (2002). After retirement he continued in SVUCE in Honorary capacitytill 2007. Through hard work and perseverance he obtained B.Tech (Mec.) (1984),M.Tech. (IE-1998) and Ph.D (2002) from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.After SVUCE he joined as Professor of Mechanical Engineering at ChadalawadaRamanamma Engineering College, Tirupati (2007-2008), Sir Rama EngineeringCollege, Tirupati (2008-2009). Later he became Dean, Faculty of Engineering atRayalseema School of Engineering and Research (Siddartha Group of EducationalInstitutions), Tirupati (2009-2011). He has many research publications to hiscredit. His work in the area of Aggregate Planning has been implemented byAPSRTC (1993-1994). This resulted in reduced waiting time of pilgrims at busdepots of Tirupati-1 and Tirumala and also reduced the loss of revenue to theAPSRTC. This plan is helpful to transport the pilgrims from Tirupati toTirumala and vice-versa for early Darshan of the Lord of Seven Hills.