Authors : Chakrabarti

Theory of Electricity and Magnetism
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    Table of contents

    ·        Mathematical preliminaries

    ·        Electrostatics

    ·        Electrostatic field indielectric media

    ·        Conductors and condensers

    ·        System of conductors: superpositionprinciple in electrostatics: electrometers

    ·        Energy of an electrostaticfield

    ·        Solution of electrostaticproblems

    ·        Harmonic solution ofelectrostatic problems

    ·        Magnetostatics

    ·        Heating effect of current

    ·        Magnetic effect of current

    ·        Electro-magnetic induction

    ·        Action of magnets on currentsand current on current

    ·        Varying currents

    ·        Mangetostatic problems andmeasurements

    ·        Mangetostatic field in matter

    ·        Terrestrial magnetism

    ·        Thermo-electricity

    ·        Magnetic materials, theories ofmagnetism and magnetic measurements

    ·        Magnetic circuit

    ·        Chemical effects of current

    ·        Electrical and magneticmeasurements

    ·        Alternating currents

    ·        Inductively coupled circuits

    ·        Rotating magnetic field

    ·        AC measurements

    ·        Units and dimensions

    ·        Electromagnetic theoryMaxwell’s field equations

    ·        Electromagnetism and specialtheory of relativity


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Dr.ChakrabartiP.K graduated from Presidency College underCalcutta University with Honours in Physics. He obtained his M.Sc., and Ph.D.,from the same University subsequently.

Dr.Chakrabarti ‘s area of interest lies inthe `Transport Properties of Liquids’, the extensive theoretical investigationwhich earned him to get his Ph.D., from the University of Calcutta. Withdecades of teaching experience in St.Xavier’s College of teaching thousand ofvery brilliant students now spread all over globe, Prof. Chakrabarti hasestablished himself as a distinguished author of a number of the books.

A textbook of Geometrical and PhysicalOptics, A text of Mathematical Physics, Mechanics and General Properties ofMatter, Theory and Experiments on Thermal Physics – only to mention a few ofthem.