Authors : Baskaran, Malathi

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
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    Table of contents

    ·        Vector analysis and co-ordinatesystems

    ·        Static electric field

    ·        Conductors, dielectrics andCapacitors

    ·        Static magnetic fields

    ·        Time varying electric andmagnetic fields

    ·        The wave equations forelectromagnetic fields

    ·        Reflection and refraction ofuniform plane waves

    ·        Application of static fieldsand computational methods

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Dr.S.Baskaran is an alumnus of the College of Engineering, Guindy, IndianInstitute of Science, Bangalore and University of Sheffield, England where hedid his B.E., M.E., and Ph.D respectively. He has about 15 years of industrialexperience in a major defence public sector undertaking, in Bangalore. He hasalso about 20 years of teaching experience having taught at the IndianInstitute of Scinece, Bangalore, College of Engineering, Guindy, GovernmentCollege of Technology, Coimbatore, Dr.M.G.R Engineering College and VelammalEngineering College in Chennai. He was formerly working as Professor and Headof the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and as aPrincipal Scientist at TIFAC CORE, the centre of Excellence in Pervasivecomputing at Velammal Engineering College, Chennai.

Dr.K,Malathi obtained here B.E., and M.E., degrees from Madurai KamarajarUniversity and Ph.D. from College of Engineering, Guindy. She has more than 20years of teaching experience. She is at present an Associate Professor in theDepartment of Electronics and Communication Engineering, College ofEngineering, Anna University, Guindy and her field of interest is MicrowaveEngineering.