Authors : Balakrishna Prasad

Operating Systems and Systems Programming
  • ISBN: 9788183715812
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    Table of contents

    ·        Computer system overview

    ·        Operating systems overview

    ·        Process description and control

    ·        CPU scheduling

    ·        Concurrency: deadlock andstarvation

    ·        Memory management

    ·        Virtual memory

    ·        I/O management

    ·        Concurrency: Mutual exclusionand synchronization

    ·        File management

    ·        Unix

    ·        Protection / security

    ·        Case study – Windows NT

    ·        Case study – Windows 2000

    ·        Assemblers

    ·        Macro processor

    ·        Linkers

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P.BalakrishnaPrasad is currently working as Professor inComputer Science and Engineering department of St. ANN’s College Engineeringand Technology, Chirala. He teaches courses in Operating Systems, ComputerArchitecture, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics, Systems Programming, JAVAProgramming etc. He is a renowned author in the field of Computer Science. Heauthored more than 15 computer science text books. Presently he is doingresearch in the area of Network Security.