Authors : Mahendra P. Agasty

Engineering Economics and Costing-2nd Edn
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introductionto engineering economics

    ·         Theory of demand

    ·         Elasticity of demand

    ·         Supply and law of supply

    ·        Equilibriumprice under perfect competition

    ·         Theory of production

    ·         Law of return scale

    ·         Time value of money

    ·        Presentworth comparison

    ·         Equivalent annual worth comparisons

    ·         Rate of return

    ·         Analysis of public projects

    ·        Depreciationanalysis

    ·         Break even analysis

    ·         Costing and cost concepts

    ·         Process costing

    ·         Marginal costing

    ·        Commercialbanking

    ·         Reserve bank of India

    ·         Overview of Indian financial system.

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Mahendra P. Agasty  is working as a Senior Lecturer in theDepartment of Basic science and Humanities at Silicon Institute of Technology,Orissa. He is having over ten years of experience in teaching this subject. Hehas specialized in Engineering Economics, Micro Economics and Statistics. He ispresently working on Migration of labour. Some of his research paper has beenpublished in International and National conference proceedings.