Authors : V. K. Manicka Selvam

Concepts of Finite Element Methods - 2nd Edn
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    Table of contents

    ·         Concepts of discretization

    ·         Finite difference methods

    ·         Elements of elasticity

    ·         Degrees of freedom

    ·         Potential energy

    ·        TheRayleigh

    ·        Ritzmethod

    ·        Theprinciple of virtual displacements

    ·        Thedirect method for formulating element stiffness matrix

    ·         Formulation of element stiffness matrix

    ·        Directstiffness method - Equation solvers

    ·        Coordinatesystems and interpolation functions

    ·        Isoparametricformulation

    ·         Higher order or refined elements

    ·         Gauss legendre quadrature

    ·         Theory of lumped and work equivalent loads

    ·        Staticcondensation

    ·        Someuseful Matrices in FEM

    ·        Transformationof Axes.

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V . K. Manicka Selvam  had studied in PSG College of Technology,Coimbatore, the IISc – Bangalore and the University of Oklahoma – USA. He haspublished about 70 papers in the National and International journals andauthored 14 books in the discipline of structural engineering. He had been inteaching profession since 1961 and retired as professor of Civil Engineeringfrom the REC – Calicut.