Authors : Kanika Kaur

Digital System Design
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction to basics ofdigital circuits

    ·        Introduction to HardwareDescription Languages (HDLs)

    ·        VHDL objects

    ·        VHDL syntax and symantics

    ·        Behavioral and dataflowdescriptions of VHDL

    ·        Subprograms and overloading

    ·        Template for combinational andsequential logic in VHDL

    ·        Synthesis process

    ·        Asynchronous sequentialcircuits

    ·        HDL based fault simulationtools

    ·        Fault cycles

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KanikaKaur is working as Head of the Department ofElectronics and Communication Engineering on a post of Assistant Professor,Shree Ganapati Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad and is responsible forAcademic, Administration and Management of Electronics and CommunicationEngineering Department. She has a successful academic career with M.Tech andpursuing Ph.D degree in Electronics and Communication. She started herprofessional career from industry and continues in the field of academics frompast ten years in reputed universities i.e., GGSIPU and UPTU.

She has received best Department of Headand Best Academic Personality for the year 2007 in Northern India EngineeringCollege, GGSIP University. She organized various national conferences on thetopic VLSI, Broadband Communication, Embedded System and many more.