Authors : S. Vigneswaran, M. Sundravadivel, J. Kandasamy, D. S. Chaudhary

Environmental Management 2-nd Edn.
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    Table of contents

    Part-I Environmental Pollution andSustainable Development


    ·        Waterpollution

    ·         Air and noise pollution

    ·         Solid and hazardous waste management

    ·         Radioactive waste management

    ·         Global environmental pollution

    ·         Green house effect, ozone layer depletion andacid rain

    ·         Sustainable development: Global efforts,issues and indicators.


    Part-II Wastewater treatment andReuse Practices

    ·        Quantityand quality issues in water management

    ·         Domestic wastewater treatment technologies

    ·         Water supply and treatment

    ·         Sewage sludge management for reuse

    ·         Industrial practices for waste minimizationand cleaner production

    ·         E-waste management.


    Part-III Environmental ManagementTechniques -


    ·        Environmentalmanagement tools

    ·         Environmental management systems

    ·        Environmentaleconomics

    ·         Management of environmental infrastructureprojects.

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About the Authors:

S. Vigneswaran is currently a Professor ofEnvironmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, and Deputy Director ofthe Institute of Environment and Water Resource Management (IWERM), Universityof Technology, Sydney, Australia. Prior to this, he worked as AssociateProfessor in Environmental Engineering Division at Asian Institute ofTechnology (AIT), Bangkok for 10 years (1981-1990). He got his Doctor ofEngineering and Doctor of Science in France in 1980 and 1987 respectively. Hehas been working in Environmental and Water related areas since 1976, and hasextensive experience in both Asian and Pacific countries. He has been workingin a number of projects funded through national and international agencies. Hehas published over 300 technical papers and authored two books on watertreatment (both through CRC press, USA). He also served as the honorary themeeditor of Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, UNESCO. He was awarded LifeMembership in the International Water Academy in 2003.

M. Sundravadivel is Senior Planner at the StrategicWater Management Unit, NSW Department of Commerce, Sydney, Australia. Prior tothis, he was working as researcher at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)and as an Environmental Engineer with the Central Pollution Control Board,Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. He obtained a Ph.D.from Macquire University, Sydney, Australia in Environmental Management. Healso holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters Degree inEnvironmental Engineering. He has been working in the field of environmentalmanagement and industrial pollution control since 1989, particularly in thearea of environmental audit, waste minimization and cleaner production inagro-based industries. He has also been an engineering consultant for planning,design and development of wastewater collection and treatment systems for manylarge cities of India.

J. Kandasamy is currently a Senior Lecturer in theFaculty of Engineering University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. He obtainedhis Ph.D. from University of Auckland., New Zealand where is also obtained hisBachelor in Civil Engineering and Masters in Civil Engineering. He has workedin the New South Wales Government as a Senior Engineer for 15 years and has wideindustry knowledge. 

D. S. Chaudhary is currently working as a SeniorEngineer at Maunsel Australia in Sydney. Prior to this, he was working asresearcher at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He obtained his Ph.D.from University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. He holds a BachelorsDegree in Civil Engineering from Institute of Engineering (IOE), TribhuvanUniversity, Nepal, and Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from AsianInstitute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok. He has been working in the planning anddesign of water and wastewater collection and treatment systems since 1991.