Authors : Jagajothi

Optical Fibre Communication

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G.Jagajothi has been working as an Asst. Professorand Head of the department of Information Technology at Periyar ManiammaiUniversity, since 1996. He obtained his M.Sc. degree in Physics withspecialization in Electronics from Rajah's Serfoji Govt. Arts College,Thanjavur and M.Tech. degree in Laser and Electro Optical Engineering, from theCollege of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. Currently he ispursuing his Ph.D at NIT, Trichi. He has been teaching both the UG and PGEngineering Students for the past fourteen years. He has attended and presentedpapers in many National and International Conferences. His other areas ofinterest are Electro Magnetic Field, Laser Technology and Bio-medical Engineering.He is also a member of ISTE, CSI and BES (India). He is guiding many students'projects.

He received a Research and Development (R& D) project on Optical Fibre Attenuation Measurement using Optical TimeDomain Reflectometer (OTDR), sanctioned by AICTE, New Delhi and for which theAICTE has honored him with Grade B. He is also doing other funded R & Dprojects. He has made technical visits many universities in Singapore, Malaysiaand the United States of America.