Authors : Arumuga Perumal, Kannan

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction to microprocessor

    ·        Hardware description of 8085microprocessor

    ·        Instruction set of 8085microprocessor

    ·        Memory organization of 8085microprocessor

    ·        Interrupt structure of 8085microprocessor

    ·        Introduction tomicrocontrollers

    ·        Hardware description of 8051microcontrollers

    ·        An introduction to assemblylanguage

    ·        Instruction set of 8051

    ·        Interrupts and timers/countersof 8051

    ·        Serial communication of 8051

    ·        8255A programmable peripheralinterface

    ·        Interfacing parallel I/Odevices with 8051

    ·        Interfacing ADC and DAC with8051

    ·        Interfacing DC and steppermotor with 8051

    ·        Interfacing RTC and temperaturesensors with 8051

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Dr.S. Arumuga Perumal is working as an AssociateProfessor and Head of the Department of Computer Science in S. T. HinduCollege, Nagercoil, for the past 22 years. He has completed his Ph.D inComputer Science from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. He is aLife member of Computer Society of India, Senior member of IEEE and Fellowmember of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. He hasconducted number of national level conferences, presented papers in internationalconferences and published number of papers in national and internationaljournals. His area of interest is Digital Image compression, Data mining andBiometrics.

K.Kannan is working as Professor & Head,Depatment of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kamaraj College ofEngineering and Technology, Virudhunagar. He has completed his Master’s programfrom Anna University, Chennai. Presently he is pursuing Ph.D in the area ofImage Processing. His areas of interest include Microprocessor Based System,Embedded System, RTOS, Signal and Image Processing, Computer Architecture andOrganisation. He has published more than fifty papers.