Authors : Reddy, Madhavee Latha

Signal Processing Simulation using MATLAB
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    Table of contents

    ·        Basic operations on matrices

    ·        Generation on various signalsand sequences, such as unit impulse, unit step, square, saw-tooth, triangular,sinusoidal, ramp, sinc, etc.

    ·        Operations on signals andsequences such as addition, multiplication, scaling, shifting, folding,computation of energy and average power

    ·        Finding the even and odd partsof signal/sequence and real and imaginary part of signal

    ·        Convolution between signals andsequences

    ·        Auto correlation and crosscorrelation between signals and sequences

    ·        Verification of linearity andtime invariance properties of a given continuous/discrete system

    ·        Computation of unit sample,unit step and sinusoidal response o the given LTI system and verifying itsphysical realizability and stability properties

    ·        Gibbs phenomenon

    ·        Finding the Fourier transform ofa given signal and plotting its magnitude and phase spectrum

    ·        Waveform synthesis usingLaplace transform

    ·        Locating the zeros and polesand plotting the pole zero maps in s-plane and z-plane for the given transferfunction

    ·        Generation of Gaussian noisecomputation of its mean, M.S value and its skew, kurtosis, and PSD, probabilitydistribution function

    ·        Sampling theorem verification

    ·        Removal of noise by autocorrelation/cross correlation

    ·        Extraction of periodic signalmasked by noise using correlation

    ·        Verification ofWeiner-Khinchine relations

    ·        Checking a random process forstationary in wide sense

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Dr.V.S.K. Reddy, Principal, Malla Reddy College ofEngineering & Technology has an experience of more than 17 years inTeaching and Industry put together. He is alumni of IIT Kharagpur, he obtainedPh.D in the area of Multi-media Signal Processing and Communication Protocols.E is versatile is multidisciplinary specializations in Electronics &Communications and Computer Science Engineering. His laurels include more than20 Publications in the National and International reputed Conferences andJournals. He is fellow of IETE, Member of ISTE & Member of IEEE. He wasawarded as Best Teacher in three consecutive Academic years  with citation and case award. He is convenerof R&D and industry coordination cell, IETE Hyderabad Chapter. He is amember of Board of Studies, ECE & ETM, JNT University, Hyderabad.

Dr.Y. Mahavee Latha,  Principal, Malla Reddy Engineering College forWomen has an experience of more than 11 years in Teaching and Industry puttogether. She is alumni of JNTUH and obtained Ph.D in the area of Multi-mediaSignal Processing. She is versatile is multidisciplinary specializations inElectronics & Communications and Computer Science Engineering. Her laurelsinclude more than 20 Publications in the National and International reputedConferences and Journals. She is life member of IETE, life member of ISTE &Member of IEEE. She was awarded as Academic Excellence Award and Citation.