Authors : S. Ramakrishnan

Ground Water - 2nd Edn
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    Table of contents

    ·        Origin,occurrence & movement of ground water

    ·         Rocks & their water bearing properties

    ·         Remote sensing techniques in ground waterinvestigation

    ·         Methods of locating ground water

    ·         Methods of exploitations of ground water

    ·         Methods of exploration of ground water

    ·         Methods of well design & gravel packing

    ·         Methods of well development

    ·         Methods of drilling to control high artesian pressurefor drilling & construction of leak proof wells

    ·         Methods of grouting, sealing & verticalitychecking

    ·         Methods of extraction of ground water

    ·         Methods of measuring flow of water

    ·         Methods of analysis & evaluation ofpumping tests

    ·         Use of coefficients & formulae

    ·         Ground water quality

    ·         Common troubles in wells - their causes &remedies

    ·         Sea water intrusion in coastal aquifers

    ·        Artificialrecharge

    ·        Groundwater assessment & budgeting

    ·         Methods of conservation & harvesting ofrainwater

    ·         Geographic information system

    ·         Methods of desalting brackish & seawaterusing available local materials.

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S. Ramakrishnan took his Master's Degree inGeology from the University of Madras and specialized in the field ofHydrogeology. His thirty three years of experience in Ground Water Technologyincludes two and half years with Exploratory Tube Wells Organization Governmentof India, three years as Geo-hydrologist in Rajasthan Ground Water Board,Rajasthan State, eight years as Deputy Director (Geology) in the Ground Waterwing of Public Works Department, Government of Tamil Nadu and about nineteenyears in the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, popularlyknown as Metro Water, as Senior Hydrologist, mainly in conserving the groundwater for optimal extraction, prevention of sea water intrusion in the coastalbelts, identifying new ground water of sea water intrusion in the coastalbelts, identifying new ground water potentials in and around Chennai and in theadjoining districts of Chennai, causing initiation and implementation of GroundWater Regulation Act and Rain Water Harvesting Techniques. He has presented anumber of technical papers in the national and International workshops on manyoccasions and visited USA, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom,Japan, Far East countries et., on different occasions. As an UNDP ProjectFellow and as an UNDP/WHO Project Fellow to acquire advanced knowledge onHydrogeology, Hydrology, Geochemistry, Artificial Recharge Techniques etc. Heis a life member of the Geological Society of India and Fellow of theMineralogical Society of India.