Authors : Badrinarayanan, Usha Nandini

Electric Circuit Theory

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Dr.S.Badrinarayanan did his graduation and post graduation at Annamali University andsecured University Rank with distinction. He did his doctoral work in the areaof Applied Electronics and developed improvised methods for impedancemeasurements applicable to protection scheme in EHV transmission line. He hasboth academic and industrial exposure of over twenty years put together. He hasworked over a decade in one of the Navarathna Public Section Units and had beena part of Engineering College at Hyderabad and Chennai. He had authoredseventeen International Publications. His area of interest are SignalProcessing and Microcontrollers.

A.UshaNandini hasobtained her M.E in Power Systems from Anna University, Chennai. She has bothindustrial and teaching experience for more than eight years now