Authors : Sujatha Sinha, Subhabrata Dinda

Numerical Methods with Programming in C
  • ISBN: 978 8 1837 1 4730
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    Table of contents

    ·        Numberand Errors

    ·        FiniteDifference and Different Operators

    ·        Interpolation

    ·        NumericalDifferentiation

    ·        NumericalSolution of Algebraic & Transcendental

    ·        Equations

    ·        Systemof Linear Algebraic Equations

    ·        NumericalSolution of Ordinary Differential Equations

    ·        Probability

    ·        Statisticalmethods

    ·        Testingof hypothesis

    ·        Programming,algorithm of numerical analysis & Statistical methods

    ·        Programmingin mat lab


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Dr. Sujatha Sinha has been serving the BangabasiMorning College Since 1984. At present she is working as a Associate Professorin the Department of Mathematics. She has got national scholarship for her contribution.She has got national scholarship for her contribution. She has published morethan 10 papers on National and International Journals. She has also co-authoreda book on Analytical Statistics for B.Sc (Hons).


Subhabrata Dinda is presently working as a AssistantProfessor in the Department of Computer Application, Camellia institute ofTechnology, Kolkata. He has published papers in National and InternationalJournals.