Authors : Dr. Koya Purnachandra Rao

Probability Theory and Stochastics Process

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Dr. Koya Purnachandra Rao is working as Professor ofMathematics and Head, Department of Humanities & Sciences in ChiralaEngineering College, Chirala. Formerly, Dr. K.P. Rao has taught at the P.GDepartment of Mathematics, Saurastra University, Rajkot, Gujarat and BapatlaEngineering College, Bapatla. A.P. he has delivered a series of guest lectureson Algebra at Bhavnagar University, Gujarat.

He has taught a variety of subjects including ProbabilityTheory and Stochastic Process, Engineering Mathematics, Mathematical Methods.Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science,Operations research differential Equations, Classical Mechanics and Theory ofRelativity in B.Tech., M.B.A, M.C.A & M.Sc classes.