Authors : G.P. Saradhi Varma , B. Thirupathi Rao

Theory of Computation

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G.P. Saradhi Varma, working as Professor & Head,Department of Information Technology, S.R.K.R. Engineering College, Bhimavaram.He has around two decades of teaching experience in Computer Science andInformation Technology subjects, he taught Theory of computation course around40 times for both Post Graduate and Under Graduate students in various collegesas regular and visiting Professor. He teaches courses such as Theory ofComputation, Compiler Design, Principles of Programming Languages, ObjectOriented Programming, Object Oriented Design and Technologies, Microprocessors,Digital Logic Circuits, Distributed Data Bases, Computer Graphics, ComputerNetworks and Computer programming and Numerical Methods. He has authored a goodnumber of programming languages books and laboratory manuals.

He is the consultant for GATE Content Portal and severalSoftware Companies. He won best paper awards in International and NationalConferences. He published four International and eight national papers. Hisresearch work is in the field of Object oriented Software Engineering.Presently he is an educational member for Storage Networks IndustrialAssociation, India (SNIA). He is the member of Computer Society of India (CSI),Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and EMIA India.

 B. Thirupathi Rao,working as Professor and Head, Department of CSE, VITAM, Parvathipuram. Hehas 14 years of Teaching experience. He taught courses like Language Processor,Theory of Computation, Advanced Operating System, JAVA, Design and Analysis ofAlgorithms, Advanced Computer Networks.