Authors : Venugopal, Prabhu Raja, Sreekanjana

Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling Lab
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction to auto CAD

    ·        Invoking commands in auto CAD

    ·        File management

    ·         Basic auto CAD commands

    ·        Advanced auto CAD commands

    ·        Objectselection methods 

    ·        Creatingtext

    ·         Basic display commands

    ·         Basic dimensioning

    ·         Editing and modification

    ·         Object properties

    ·         Drafting settings

    ·         Working with layers

    ·         Co-ordinate systems

    ·         Creation of polygons and multiline figures

    ·         Title blocks

    ·         Parabola and spiral curves

    ·         Top and front views of simple solids

    ·         Orthographic views of pictorial views

    ·         Plan of residential building

    ·        Simplesteel truss

    ·         Sectional views of simple solids

    ·         Isometric projection of simple objects

    ·         3D modeling and creation of multi-viewdrawing.

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Prof. K. Venugopal was formerly, Professor of Mechanical Engg. G.C.T Coimbatore. He had been  on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Technical Education.

Dr. V. Prabhu is an Associate Professor of Mechanical engineering PSGCT Coimbatore.  He also served as a senior engineer in the engineering reserch centre.  Tata Motors Pune. 

Ms. G. Sreekanjana has graduated in Engineering from Annamalai University.  She is the Co - Autor of Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering and workshop Practice and Lab Manual.