Authors : Dr. Dipak Chatterjee

Elements of Statistics
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    Table of contents

    ·        Natureand scope of statistics

    ·         Measures of central tendency

    ·         Measures of dispersion

    ·         Moments, skewness & Kurtosis

    ·         Curve fitting

    ·         Approximate calculations and interpolation

    ·         Probability

    ·         Random variable

    ·         Theoretical distributions

    ·         Bivariate analysis

    ·         Multivariate analysis

    ·         Sampling

    ·         Statistical inferene

    ·         Analysis of variance

    ·         Index numbers

    ·         Time series analysis

    ·         Stochastic process

    ·         Design of experiments

    ·         Official statistics

    ·         Demography

    ·        Qualitycontrol theory

    ·         Appendices.


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Dr. Dipak Chatterjee is a Pro-Vice Chancellor of S.S.University. He started his career as a Professor of Mathematics at St.XaviersCollege, Kolkata, then, served as a principal of the Institute of Engineeringand Management.

He has rich experience of teaching UG and PG students andhas guided number of research scholars in attaining their doctoral degree.

He has contributedinnumerable number of papers in national and international journal andparticipated in countless number of conferences. He has authored number oftextbooks to the publishers of national and international repute