Authors : Ramachandran

Accounting for Management
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    Table of contents

    ·        Accounting concepts

    ·        Financial accounting

    ·        Cost accounting

    ·        Management accounting

    ·        Techniques of financial analysis and ratio analysis

    ·        Fund flow statement

    ·        Cash flow statement

    ·        Depreciation

    ·        Marginal costing

    ·        Standard costing

    ·        Budgetary control

    ·        Capital budgeting

    ·        Working capital

    ·        Cost of capital

    ·        Computer accounting andalgorithm

    ·        Inventory valuation

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Dr.T. Ramachandran has secured his Ph.D. in the areaof finance from University of Madras. He had secured his P.G. Degree inCommerce from Bharathidasan University, M.Phil Degree from Annamali Universityand Masters Degree in Business Administration from University of madras. Hestarted his career as a lecturer in Commerce in Adaikala Matha College,Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Presently he is working as a Professor of Finance at SRMSchool of Management, SRM University, Kattankulathur – 603 203. He has 15 yearsof teaching experience in the field of Management Accounting, FinancialManagement, Corporate Finance, Instrument Management for the students of M.Com,MBA and MCA disciplines. He has to his credit a few articles published inbusiness magazines.