Authors : Prof. Dr. Ashok K.R. Mukherjee

Essentials for Decision Makers

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Prof.Dr. Ashok K.R. Mukherjee, is an M.Sc, FIC(Chartered), MBA(Cal), Ph.D. (Cal). He has 27 years of experience as TechnicalDirector in reputed chemical process industries like IFB Agro, Rasoi WEBCIL(PSU), Sangita Bio Chem etc & over 12 years of academic experience as Dean,Bengal Institute of Management Sciences, Kolkata. He is also engaged asVisiting Professor in Visva Bharathi, Army Institute of Management, JISInstitute of Technology & Management, Academy of Business Administration,Sikkim Manipal University etc. He possesses vast Doctoral & Post doctoralresearch experience in Environment Management & published 25 researchpapers in CSIR, JILTA & other journals of international standard &achieved best Article Award in 1992. His areas of interest is HR, Production,Financial & Corporate strategy analysis.