Authors : Umarani, Marlene Morais

Corporate Finance
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction to corporatefinance

    ·        Indian capital market

    ·        Problems of industrial financein India

    ·        Sources of finance

    ·        Investment decisions

    ·        Cost of capital

    ·        Working capital management

    ·        Simulation and financialdecision

    ·        Financing and dividend decision

    ·        Derivatives

    ·        Inter corporate Investments

    ·        Venture capital

    ·        Lease financing

    ·        Mutual funds

    ·        Inflation

    ·        Agency cost

    ·        Financing of exports

    ·        Finance from international sources

    ·        Multi National Corporations(MNC)

    ·        Corporate governance

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Dr.Uma Rani Purushothaman, is currently working as anAsst. Professor in MBA Department of Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai. Shehas a teaching experience of 22 years at PG level. Besides her regular teachingprofession, she has also guided fifty students for their M.Phil graduation. Shehad successfully guided three scholars leading to their Ph.D's and more thanten are currently pursuing their Ph.D degrees under her able guidance. She hasdistinguished in her professional expertise by publishing five papers inNational Seminars and four papers in International seminars. She has also thedistinction of receiving the “Best Teacher Award” in 2008-09. She also wrotearticles in leading national journals. She has been nominated as a subjectexpert to screen Ph.D scholars for Mother Theresa University.

Dr.Marlene Morais completed her Masters Degree inCommerce from Presidency College, University of Madras with a University Rankin 1977. She joined Guru Nanak College, Chennai in the same year and ispresently Reader and Head, Department of Commerce. She has 32 years of undergraduate and 29 years of post graduate teaching experience. During the courseof her teaching career, she has taught a wide variety of Commerce subjects atthe undergraduate and post graduate levels. She also holds an M.Phil and Ph.Ddegree from the University of Madras. She is an approved guide for MBA project,M.Phil degree and Ph.D degree for several Universities in India. Presently shehas 8 research scholars pursuing the Ph.D. degrees in the University of Madrasunder her guidance. She has attended and also presented papers at severalstate-level, national and international conferences.