Authors : Saravanan, Karuppasamy

Economics Analysis for Business
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction to managerialeconomics

    ·        Demand analysis

    ·        Demand forecasting

    ·        Cost and revenue analysis

    ·        Theory of consumer behaviour

    ·        Production function

    ·        Input-output analysis

    ·        Market structure: price andoutput decisions

    ·        Game theory

    ·        Pricing strategies andpractices

    ·        Capital budgeting

    ·        Macro economics and businessdecisions: national income, business cycles

    ·        Linear programming

    ·        Pricing and employment ofinputs

    ·        Profit management

    ·        Public finance

    ·        International trade

    ·        Policy for economicdevelopment: monetary policy

    ·        Natural resources economics

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Dr.R. KARUPPASAMY did his M.Com.,M.Phil at Ayya NadarJanaki Ammal College,Sivakasi. He earned his MBA (Finance) & Ph.D fromMadurai Kamaraj University. He is a Gold medal recipient in M.Com., He ishaving 15 years of experience in teaching as well as in industry. Presently, heis serving as Principal, Nehru Institute of Management Studies, Coimbatore. Hehas presented 103 research papers in International & National levelseminars. He has also published 24 research articles in various International& National journals. He has authored Practical Approach to IntellectualProperty Rights and Economics Analysis for Business. His primary areas ofinterest are Research, Publication, Training and Finance Education.

Dr.R. SARAVANAN is an educator and administrator withan experience of two decades. He has obtained his Masters Degree in BusinessAdministration from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. He has been awardedPh.D., degree in Business Administration from Madurai Kamaraj University,Madurai. His specialisation is in Finance and published several researcharticles in reputed Journals and Conferences. He is a regular visiting facultyat several institutions. He is also engaged in various research and consultancy services. He has participated in aworkshop on Case Writing and Case Method of Teaching and also a FacultyDevelopment Programme in Management at the Indian Institute of Management,Ahmedabad. He is a member of board of studies in Anna University, Coimbatoreand autonomous colleges. He is the author of a text book titled EconomicsAnalysis for Business.