Authors : Lakshminarayanan, T. Murugavel

Managing Soft Skills
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction

    Part I

    ·        Managingpeople.

    Part II - Managing people through

    ·         Speaking,

    ·         Listening,

    ·        Writing,

    ·        Reading.


    Part III - Other soft skills –

    ·        Positivethinking,

    ·        timemanagement,

    ·        Teambuilding,

    ·         Leadership,

    ·        Decisionmaking,

    ·        Creativity,

    ·        Assertiveskill,

    ·        Conflict:management and resolution,

    ·        Criticalthinking.


    Part IV - Support forcommunicating -


    ·        Technology,

    ·        Essentialsof the English Language.


Tab Article

Prof. K.R. Lakshminarayanan has taught for 43 yearsat various levels in India and abroad. Has published several articles ofgeneral and professional interest in India and overseas.  Has authored, for nearly two decades, severalcourse books, covering B.E. English syllabi of various universities. Has alsoauthored several books for the general public.

Dr.T. Murugavel has been working as Professor andHead, Department of English,  Sri VenkateswaraCollege of Engineering, Sriperumbudur since 1991. Has published severalarticles of English Language Teaching in India and abroad. Has also publishedseveral articles on birds and environment protection.