Authors : V. V. Vara Prasad

Organization Structure and Personnel Management
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    Table of contents

    ·        Concept of organization

    ·        Classical theories oforganization

    ·        Human relations: Theorems oforganization

    ·        Motivation and morale

    ·        Systems approach toorganisation

    ·        Dynamics of decisions

    ·        Evolution of personalmanagement

    ·        Organising personnel function

    ·        Concepts of manpower planning

    ·        Recruitment-selection-promotions

    ·        Training & Development

    ·        Performance appraisal

    ·        Concept of strategic management

    ·        Process of communication

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V.V. Vara Prasad has done his M.B.A. from AndhraUniversity and M.Phil from Annamali University. He has more than two decades ofexperience in industry and teaching, including overseas experience in the areaof Retailing as Purchase Officer in Saudi Arabia for 2 years and as GroupGeneral Manager in Malawi-Central Africa for 4 years. At present he is workingas Associate Professor and HOD of Dept. of Business Administration in RaghuEngineering College. He has earlier co-authored two books on PersonalityDevelopment and Tourism Management and has several research articles presentedin seminars and published leading Journals.