Authors : Majeeb Pasha, Murty

Financial Institutions and Services
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    Table of contents

    ·        An overview of financialservices

    ·        Financial instruments

    ·        Merchant banking / investmentbanking

    ·        Underwriting services

    ·        Regulatory agencies

    ·        Leasing and hire purchaseservices

    ·        Factoring services

    ·        Consumer finance

    ·        Venture capital

    ·        Mutual funds

    ·        Credit rating services

    ·        Money market

    ·        Capital market

    ·        Development financialinstitutions

    ·        Specialised financialinstitutions

    ·        Export finance and services

    ·        State level financialinstitutions

    ·        Insurance services

    ·        Insurance laws and regulations

    ·        Credit cards

    ·        Depository system

    ·        Debt securitisation

    ·        Housing finance

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Dr.S. A. Majeeb Pasha is currently the Vice Principal,NIMRA College of Business Management, Jupudi, Vijayawada. He has been engagedTeaching, Research and Financial Consultant for about more than one Decade. Heis fellow and member in a number of professional bodies. He is visiting facultyin many institutions. He did so many professional certifications in FinancialServices Area. He has published a number of research papers in Indian Journals.

Dr.T. N. Murty is presently Director (Academic andPlanning) in the NIMRA Group of Institutions, Jupudi, Vijayawada, who was aAcharya Nagarjuna University Rank Holder in Management Studies. He hasextensive experience in Finance and HR Area. He has been engaging in Teaching.Research and HR counsellor for about more than one Decade. He has published anumber of research papers in Indian and International Journals. He has givenguidance to M.Phil and Ph.D scholars of various National and Internationaluniversities. He is a dedicated and sincere hard worker, whenever he works andwhenever he works.