Authors : Manikandan

Financial Accounting 3rd Edn.
  • ISBN: 9788183715287
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    Table of contents
    • Introduction to Accounting 
    • Accounting Concepts of Conventions 
    • Accounting Process
    • Journal
    • Ledger
    • Subsidiary Books
    • Trial Balance
    • Rectification of Errors
    • Bank Reconciliation Statement 
    • Final Accounts
    • Accounts of Non -Trading Organisation 
    •  Depreciation Accounting 
    • Fire Insurance Claims
    • Single Entry - Account Form Incomplete Records
    • Branch Accounts
    • Department Accounts 
    • Hire Purchase and Instalment System 
    • Partnership Account - I (Introduction) 
    • Partnership Accounts - II (Admission of Partners)
    • Partnership Accounts - III ( Retirement and Death of a Partner)
    • Partnership Accounts - IV

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Dr. S. Manikandan is currently working as Associate Professor, PG & Research Department of  Commerce, Guru Nanak College. 

R. Rakesh Shankar, is an Associate Member of The Institute of Cost Accounts of India, Kolkate.  Currently he is working as Assistant Professor, Dept. of Corporate Secretary ship (Shift II)DG Vaishnav College Chennai.