Authors : T.V.K. Raman

Fire Safety Equipments
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    Table of contents

    ·        Fire detection method

    ·        Fire detection systems

    ·        Automatic fire detectors

    ·        Fire extinguishing and types ofhazards

    ·        Water supplies for sprinklersystems

    ·        Types of sprinkler systems

    ·        System controls and alarmsdevices

    ·        Types of sprinkler heads

    ·        Drenchers

    ·        Water spray projectors

    ·        Rising mains

    ·        Systems not using water

    ·        Installations of protectspecial risks

    ·        Venting heat and smoke

    ·        Ventilation – Air conditioningsystems

    ·        Pressurization of escape routes

    ·        Design and servicing

    ·        Fire service

    ·        Servicing alarm systems

    ·        Steps for locating trouples

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T.V.K.Raman,  retired Fire Officer, Burnpur Works, WestBengal, during his three decades career has been involved in major Fire andRescue operations, notably the major fire at Santhaldi (W.B) power transmissionplant in 1979 and the flooding operations of Chasnalla Colliery in 1981. A rankholder from the reputed National Fire Service College, Nagpur, Raman worked atIISCO Steel Plant, a SAIL enterprise in Burnpur for thirty years retiring asFire Officer in 1990. During his three decades of tenure, he designed andmaintained three CO2 Fire Protection Systems at Burnpur Works besidesmaintaining fire tenders and pumps. Some of the major fire and rescueoperations he has handled include gas leak fires on 40 inches coke oven gasmains and transformer fires. Post retirement, he worked for two years as ChiefInstructor in Fire Safety Training Centre (NIFE) at Chennai.

“Reading and writing has always been mypassion,” says Raman. His first book titled, 'Fire Safety Management' dealtwith the basics and rescue gears carried in fire appliances and fire fightingoperations in three risky industries, namely air craft crashes, ship and portsand oil storage tank fires in refineries. A section focuses on the BOMBAY DOCKYARD Fire caused by a ship ferrying war goods that exploded and 64 firefighters died with their boots on April 14 in 1944. Subsequently, this day ismarked and celebrated every year as Fire Service Day, India, in memory of thosevaliant firemen who gave up their lives on duty.