Authors : Janardhana Krishna Pillamarri

Practical Personality Development
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    Table of contents

    ·        Personality

    ·        Personalitytraits

    ·        Successand failure

    ·        Partsof personality

    ·        Physiologicalpersonality

    ·        Psychologicalpersonality

    ·        Spiritualpersonality

    ·        Problemsof identifying a personality

    ·        Personalityformation – structure

    ·        Personalityformation – contents

    ·        OMtherapy

    ·        How aman can be idealistic

    ·        Idealpersonality

    ·        Practicalperson - personality


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JanardhanaKrishna Pillamarri, Graduatedfrom Andhra University in 1981 and also secured degrees such as BMM fromIIM&S, Delhi, Master of Business Administration from Sikkim ManipalUniversity. Currently he is pursuing research on personality related subjects.

He has a workingexperience in Pharmaceutical industry, which spans over 23 years. He has beenassociated with the Institution like NISTE, IIL Hyderabad, as a visitingfaculty and he is also actively engaged with Signodia Group of Institutions. Heis a writer in Telugu and English language. At present he is working as anAssistant Professor and also Training Coordinator at LBRCE, Mylavaram, AndhraPradesh.

He is and awardeeof `Andhra Ratna' for the year 2006 for his classical poetry in Telugu and alsoreceived the awards like `Madhu Kokila'. `Sahitya Yuvan Ratna', for hisliterary works in both Telugu and English. His name also figures in the ``Whois Who'' of Indian writers published by Kendra Sahitya Academy.