Authors : Dr. S. Seetharaman, B. Venkateswara Prasad

Human Resource Management
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction to Human Resource Management

    ·        Personnel Policies

    ·        Human Resource Planning

    ·        Recruitment, Selection and Placement

    ·        Induction

    ·        Training

    ·        Management Development(Executive Development)

    ·        Job Analysis and Job Design

    ·        Job Evaluation

    ·        Wage and Salary Administration

    ·        Fringe Benefits and Rewards

    ·        Performance Appraisal

    ·        T.Q.M. in HRD

    ·        Job Changes

    ·        Career Planning and Development

    ·        Labour Problems

    ·        Stress Management

    ·        Discipline and Grievance

    ·        Morale and Motivation

    ·        Human Resource Development

    ·        Human ResourceAccounting-Personal Research and Audit

    ·        Empowerment

    ·        Human Resource InformationSystem and Computer Application in Management

    ·        Recent Trends in HRM

    ·        Global Dimensions of HRM

    ·        Time Management

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Dr.S. Seetharaman, has been engaged in Teaching, Research and Consultancy for about four decades. He is one of the earliest Ph.D.’s in Engineering from Madras University. He also holds an M.B.A., PG, Diplomas in Personal Management and Industrial Relations and in Computer Applications and Information Technology. He is a Fellow and Member in a number of professional bodies. He has published a number of research papers in Indianand International Journals, has written many books, involved in arrangingseveral engineering conferences and summer schools and actively coordinatedmany consultancy projects. He was a visiting professor to the Universities ofvarious countries for over a decade. He was given the Best Teacher Award, theAll India ACCE Award for best publication and also has been honoured with manyother awards. He has widely travelled and presented papers in seminars andlectures in leading technical institutions in India and abroad.

B.Venkateswara Prasad is presently a Senior facultyin the Department of Management Studies, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College,Chennai. He is an MBA with Postgraduate degrees in public administration,Personnel Management, Industrial Relations and labour Welfare. He has extensiveexperience in the corporate environment as well as in teaching managementstudents. He has been handling courses on organisational Behaviour, HumanResource Management, Marketing Management, Industrial Relations, Sales and Distributionmanagement, Consumer Behaviour and Management principles. He is a member inmany professional bodies.