Authors : Dongre

Structural Engineering for Architecture - 3rd Edn.
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    Table of contents

    ·        Systemof forces

    ·        Reactionfor beam

    ·        Shearforce and bending moment

    ·        Centroid

    ·        Momentof inertia

    ·        Analysisof trusses

    ·        Friction

    ·        Stresses,strain and elastic constants

    ·        Theoryof simple bending

    ·        Shearstresses in beams

    ·        Slopeand deflection

    ·        Directand bending stresses

    ·        Loadand type of structures

    ·        Fixedbeams

    ·        Momentdistribution method

    ·        Analysisof columns

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A. P. Dongre iscurrently working at Minerva College of Architecture, Pune and at Dr. D. Y.Patil College of Architecture Ambi Campus, Pune as a visiting faculty. He ishaving teaching experience of 20 years.

He is been awarded by Mayor of Pune city for his various talents.He is awarded by a scholarship by Central Government of India for hispioneering efforts of rendering classical music on western instrument keyboardsynthesizer.