Authors : Dr. S. Devanarayanan

Quantum Mechanics
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    Table of contents

    ·        Wave particle duality: Old quantum theory

    ·        Concepts in wave mechanics – particle – waveduality

    ·        Quantum mechanics – wave mechanics

    ·        Postulatory approach to wave mechanics

    ·        Exact solutions: Applications 1 to 3 particle ina box – tunneling electron in a periodic lattice

    ·        Exact solutions: Application – 4 linearoscillator – traditional approach

    ·        Exact solutions: Application  - 4 quantum mechanical oscillator II operatormethod

    ·        Exact solutions: Application – 5 Sphericallysymmetric system particle on a ring – ring rotator

    ·        Exact solutions: Application – 6 wave mechanicsof the hydrogen atom

    ·        Paradoxes in quantum mechanics

    ·        Mathematical formalism of quantum mechanicsmatrix mechanics

    ·        Types of pictures (equation of motion)Schrodinger, Heisenberg and interaction pictures

    ·        Harmonic oscillator revisited matrix formulation

    ·        Invariance principles and conserved quantitiesin quantum mechanics

    ·        Angular momentum properties

    ·        Angular momentum matrices

    ·        Intrinsic angular momentum particle with spin ½

    ·        Addition of angular momenta: Total angularmomentum, CG coefficients

    ·        Perturbation theory of stationary state

    ·        Variational and WKB approximation methods

    ·        Fine structure of Hydrogen and Zeeman effect

    ·        Scattering theory (Collision or Reaction)

    ·        Identical particles (many body systems)

    ·        Time dependent perturbation theory

    ·        Relativistic quantum mechanics

    ·        Interacting fields; quantum field theory,quantum electrodynamics



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Dr. S. Devanarayanan was educated at the UniversityCollege, Thiruvananthapuram, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, andInstitute of Physics, Uppsala, Sweden. He was the Professor and Head of theDepartment of Physics, University of Kerala during 1993-2000; and has 37 yearsof teaching/research experience in Physics and Material Science. He has to hiscredit over 80 published research papers in standard scientific periodicals and42 presentations in National and International Science events. A Monographtitled Thermal Expansion of Crystals (Pergamon Press Oxford, 1979) wasco-authored by him. He has served as a Professor in Physics at the Universityof Puerto Rico, USA, during 1989-91. A life member of various academic bodieslike the Indian Physics Association, American Physical Society, and Fellow ofthe Indian Cryogenic Council, his biography has found place a number of timesin the publications of Marquis 'Who's Who (USA), International BiographicalCentre (UK), American Biographical Institute, Refacimento International, etc.

He had the special honour of being invited by the RoyalSwedish Academy to submit proposals for the award of the Nobel prize for 1995.he has made academic visits to Sweden, Finland, Leningrad (USSR). The Netherlands,Germany, France, Australia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, England, and USA.Currently he is the Principle of an AICTE approved Professional Collegeaffiliated to the University of Kerala.