Authors : Dr. P.R. Sasi Kumar

Applied Physics - 2nd Edn
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    Table of contents

    ·        Units and dimensions

    ·        Motion in a straight line

    ·        Projectile motion

    ·        Forces

    ·        Circular motion

    ·        Rotational dynamics

    ·        Satellite

    ·        Elasticity

    ·        Statics

    ·        Flow of fluids

    ·        Viscosity

    ·        Surface tension

    ·        Wave motion

    ·        Optics

    ·        Electricity

    ·        Gates

    ·        Lasers

    ·        Photoelectric effect

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Dr. P.R. Sasi Kumar received his Ph.D from the CochinUniversity of Science and Technology in 1995. His career started as a lecturerat the Institute for Human Resources Development in Electronics, Trivandrum andthen as a Scientist at the Institute for Plasma Research, Ahemadabad. He ispresently working as a Associate Professor in Maharajas College, Ernakulam,Kerala. His current research interest is in Photonics.