Authors : Dr. T. J. Prabhu

Engineering Mechanics
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction

    ·        Staticsof particles

    ·        Coplanarnonconcurrent forces

    ·        Forcesin spaces

    ·        Friction

    ·        Centroidsand centres of gravity

    ·        Momentof inertia

    ·        Rectilinearmotion of particles

    ·        Curvilinearmotion of particles

    ·        Newton’ssecond law

    ·        Workand energy

    ·        Principleof impulse and momentum

    ·        Kinematicsof rigid bodies

    Dynamics of rigid bodies

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Dr. T. J. Prabhu is currently Dean, Department ofMechanical Engineering, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research,Selaiyur, Chennai – 600 073. He has more than 42 years of varied experience –Industrial, Research (DST project) and Teaching. he took his B.E.(Mech) Degreefrom the College of Engineering, Guindy and M.S. (Mech) and Ph.D.(Appl. Mech)degree from IIT, Madras. During his stay in industries, he has designed anddeveloped Industrial Process Cameras (Standard Printing M/C Co), AcousticEnclosures and Silencers and Solar Flat Collectors (Southern Power Systems (P))Ltd, and Low Automatic Machines (W.S. Insulators). He has published 18 ResearchPapers of which 10 are in the International Journal WEAR.

Engineering Mechanics is his fifth book. He has alreadywritten four books, Design of Transmission Elements, Fundamental of MachineDesign, Mechanics of Solids and Basic Mechanical Engineering. His areas ofinterests are Machine Tools, Vibrations, Stress Analysis and Finite ElementMethod.