Authors : Kannaiah, Narayana

Workshop Manual - 2nd Edn.
  • ISBN: 978 81 8371 1302
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    Table of contents

    Part I - Civil Engineering Practice

    ·        Carpentry

    ·        Plumpingand other practices


    Part II - Electrical EngineeringPractice

    ·        Electricalwiring


    Part III - Electronics EngineeringPractice

    ·        Electroniccircuit


    Part IV - Mechanical EngineeringPractice

    ·        Welding

    ·        Machineshop-lathe

    ·        Machineassembly practice


    Part V - General EngineeringPractice

    ·        Fitting

    ·        Blacksmithy

    ·        Tinsmithy

    ·        Foundrypractice

    ·        Firstaid


    Part VI - Miscellaneous Tools


    ·        Powertools

    ·        Metalcutting


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Dr. P. Kannaiahhas obtained his B.E. and Ph.D Degrees from S.V.U. College of Engineering,Tirupathi (A.P) and his M.Sc.(Engg) from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.He has more than 35 years of experience in teaching this subject. He hasauthored/co-authored 15 books, pertaining to certain areas of MechanicalEngineering, for both degree and diploma students. He has worked for 9 years inREC, Warangal, (A.P) and more than 25 years in S.V.U. College of Engineering,Tirupathi (A.P).