Authors : Prof. Chougule Nagesh K

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    Table of contents

    ·        Introductionto CAD/CAM

    ·         CAD/CAM hardware

    ·         CAD/CAM software

    ·         2D geometric transformations

    ·         3D geometric transformations

    ·         Projections transformations

    ·         Geometric modelling

    ·         Mathematics representation of 2D entities

    ·         Mathematical representation of surfaceentities

    ·         Data exchange formats

    ·         Fundamentals of NC

    ·        CNCmachine tools

    ·         Construction of CNC machine tools

    ·         Fundamentals of NC part programming

    ·         Machining center programming

    ·         Part programming for turning centers

    ·         Computer assisted part programming

    ·         Finite element method

    ·         Fundamentals of solid mechanics

    ·         1D bar and truss analysis

    ·         FEM for 2D solid elements.



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Prof. Chougule Nagesh K., presently working asFaculty at College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) and also in-charge of CAD/CAMcenter. He has about 17 years experience in teaching and consulting in thefield of CAD/CAM/CAE.

He is graduated from Walchand Institute of Technology,Solapur (M.S.) and Post Graduate studies at Walchand College of Engineering,Sangli (M.S.). He has considerable experience in developing mechanicalengineering application softwares.