Authors : Ali Hasan, Khan

Manufacturing Process - Workshop Practice

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Dr. Ali Hasan, Gr.I.E (India), M.E (HONS), Ph.D.,MIE, LMISTE, is currently working as a Assistant Professor in the department ofMechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamina MilliaIslamia [A Central University], New Delhi. He has published about 60 researchpapers in national/international journals and conferences. He has written 4books namely ‘Mechanical Engineering’, ‘A Text Book of Engineering Mechanics’,‘Manufacturing Science’ and ‘Experiments and Exercises in EngineeringMechanics’. Dr.Hasan is corporate member of The Institution of Engineers(India), and Indian Society for Technical Education.

Prof. (Dr.) R.A. Khan, he has about 35 years teachingand administrative experience. Presently, he is working in MechanicalEngineering. Department of J.M.I. (A central University). Several times he hadbeen. Head, Mech. Engg. Dept. and Dean faculty of Engg. Tech, J.M.I. He hasguided 10 Ph.Ds. and many M.Tech in his areas. At present, 6 Ph.D. scholars areworking under his guidance. He has published more than hundered research papersin National and International journals/conferences. He is the founder member ofAssociation of Machines and Mechanics (AMM) and Indian Management ScienceAssociation (IMSA). He has held teaching assignment abroad also. He is themember of several Govt. bodies like U.P.S.C., AICTE etc.