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    Table of contents

    ·        History, scope and contributors of microbiology

    ·        The diversity of microorganisms

    ·        Microscopy

    ·        Sterilization techniques

    ·        Host-microbe interactions and antimicrobial chemotherapy

    ·        Staining techniques

    ·        Nutritional requirements of microorganisms

    ·        Culture media

    ·        Pure culture and preservation techniques

    ·        Cellular organization – Prokaryotic andeukaryotic cells

    ·        Bacterial multiplication

    ·        Growth of bacterial populations

    ·        Microbial metabolism

    ·        Biosynthesis of important molecules

    ·        Classification of prokaryotic groups

    ·        Special groups of prokaryotes

    ·        Viruses

    ·        Fungi

    ·        Algae

    ·        Protozoa

    ·        Food preservation

    ·        Antibiotics

    ·        Alcoholic fermentation

    ·        Vitamins

    ·        Biogas

    ·        Bioremediation

    ·        Bioleaching

    ·        Biofertilizers

    ·        Biopesticides

    ·        Degradation of xenobiotics

    ·        Biosensors

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S. Jeeva did her Masters degree in Microbiology atSivanthi Adithanar College, Pillayarpuram and M.Phil degree in AnnamalaiUniversity. Currently she is doing her Ph.D. in Manonmanium SundaranarUniversity. She worked as a lecturer in Sivanthi Adithanar College,Pillayarpuram for 3 years and is now working in Udaya College of Arts andScience for the past 3 years and is the Head of the department of Microbiology.She has guided M.Phil students of Periyar University and BharathidhasanUniversity. She has presented many papers in various National and Internationalconferences. Her areas of interests are industrial microbiology, immunology,Bioinformatics and research field.