Authors : T. V. K. Raman

Fire Safety Management
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    Table of contents

    ·        Combustion and chemistry

    ·        Methods of fire extinction and fightingequipments

    ·        Water supplies and hydrants

    ·        Hoses used in fire service

    ·        Pumps are primers

    ·        Appliances – water tender

    ·        Hose fittings

    ·        Fire ground operations

    ·        Small gears

    ·        Ladders and lines

    ·        Foam and foam making equipments

    ·        Special fires

    ·        Part – A Ship fire fighting

    ·        Part – B Aircraft fire fighting and rescue

    ·        Part – C Fighting fire in fuel storage tanks

    ·        Part – D Chlorine gas

    ·        Learning from tragedies

    ·        Great bombay dock yard explosion 14thApril 1944.

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T. V. K. Raman had a training in Airfield Safety fromAir Force. He served in various Defense air fields for ten years as a member ofAir crash Fire & Rescue crew. He was involved in three air crash rescueoperations at Air Force Training College, Jodhpur. He passed Sub Officers Coursefrom National Fire Service College, Nagpur with Honours securing the secondrank. As assistant Fire officer and latter as Fire Chief, Raman managed theFire force of IISCO – a Steel plant under SAIL for thirty years. During histenure, he designed and maintained three Carbon dioxide Fire protection Systemin the power generating station of the steel plant, besides maintaining threeFire Tenders and four medium pumps. Some of the major fire and rescueoperations where he was involved includes., the major fire at Santhaldi (W.B)power transmission plant in 1979, the devastating underground fire and floodingat Chasnalla colliery (Bihari) in 1981, apart from three gas leak fires on 40coke oven gas mains and two transformer fires. Post retirement, Raman workedfor two years as Chief Instructor in Fire Safety training centre, NIFE,Chennai.