Authors : P. Anandan, R. Kumaravelan

Principles of Environmental Engineering

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P. Anandan completed his post graduation inCivil Engineering with specialization in Environmental Engineering. Presentlyhe is an Environmental Consultant to various Industries. He has conductedprogram in various parts of India to educated and promote Environmentalawareness among the student and public.


Dr. R. Kumaravelan is a Professor and Head of theDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Velalar College of Engineering andTechnology, Erode. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in 'MechanicalEngineering' and Master's degree in 'Engineering Design' from BharathiarUniversity, Coimbatore. He was the Gold Medalist in his PG studies. Hecompleted his Doctoral degree from Anna University, Chennai in the area of mechanicsof Composite materials. He has about 20 years of experience in teaching andresearch. He has published 10 papers in International Journals and presentedmore than 50 papers in National & International Conferences. His subjectsof interest are Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Machine Design,and Finite Element Analysis.